Follow the path of the Huguenots and the Vaudois of the Piedmont through the canton of Geneva!


32 points of interest

to be discovered around the heritage of the Huguenots in Geneva


56 Kilometers

on a historical path through the canton


1 unique experience

between countryside and city, between history and topicality

In suggesting that you explore, or revisit - by walking along this memory path - the precious heritage that Geneva has received from those to whom it offered refuge in days gone by, the Association Sur les Pas des Huguenots et des Vaudois du Piémont - Genève (SPHVP-Ge) (Association in the Steps of the Huguenots and the Vaudois of the Piedmont) hopes to contribute to making it a path full of life and tolerance for today.

The Association SPHVP-Ge welcomes you to the Geneva area and looks forward to accompanying you on this pathway, marked by Genève Rando, between the territories of France and Vaud.

Along the pathway, at specific spots, you will obtain – thanks to our website and mobile application – information on personalities and places which brought the new ideas of the Reformation, and more generally on those who made a significant contribution to the development of Geneva and to whom the Association SPHVP-Ge wishes to pay tribute, as well as to the thousands of other anonymous people who fled on this path.
These personalities come from families who found refuge in Geneva due to religious persecution in the 16th and 17th centuries, or from those related to them, as well as from native Geneva families who embraced the Reformation at a very early stage.

The choice of personalities selected, while following history closely, does not claim to be exhaustive, due to the limits imposed by the scope of our project.